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Test: The level of your emotional intelligence (EQ).

Test: The level of your emotional intelligence (EQ).

The beginning of the study of emotional intelligence (EQ) was laid back in 1870 by Charles Darwin. In the modern sense, the concept of emotional intelligence emerged at the beginning of the 20th century.

Currently, psychologists are actively studying this issue and argue that a person's success in adulthood depends not only on the IQ level, but also, directly, on the EQ level, which has not yet been measured quantitatively. Many people ask themselves why some people who are professionals in their field work under the supervision of managers whose professional level in the same area is much lower than that of their subordinates. The answer lies in emotional intelligence. Because some can interpret the feelings of other people, predict their moods and use it for their own purposes, while others do not, or do not want to !!! To be a good leader, it is not enough to have knowledge in a specific area, you need to be able to quickly, with a cool head, make the right decisions, manipulate people and, most importantly, be able to manage your emotions. Indeed, in a fit of anger, we can say a lot of unnecessary things, which we can later regret. But the deed is done - and a new promotion will pass you by, or you offend a loved one - and there can be a lot of such negative moments in life.

As a rule, people with high emotional intelligence are able to take responsibility and blame only themselves for all their mistakes, miscalculations and successes, have self-discipline and the ability to adapt to the environment.

In people with a low level of emotional intelligence, someone is always to blame, such people are insecure in all their manifestations, suspicious, overly self-critical and incapable of communicating with others.

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) level test will help you understand if your emotional intelligence is well developed. Evaluate how the following statements are typical for you.

Test: The level of your emotional intelligence (EQ).
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