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Test: Who are you from IT?

Who are you from IT?

At the time of graduation, each graduate seeks to decide (if he has not yet decided) in which direction to move on, develop and learn. IT specialists are currently in great demand in the labor market, and many graduates strive to find themselves in the IT profession. There are a lot of such professions and, as you know, the personal qualities of a person, his abilities and temperament can help determine this issue. Now we are interested in precisely the personal qualities of a person, given to him from birth and capable of leading him to success in a particular IT direction. Such requirements for a person as stress resistance, sociability, responsibility, perseverance, patience, etc. are nominated for interviews for almost any IT position. But is it possible, speaking about a specific IT profession, to single out the most relevant personal qualities of a person for this profession, which will help him in the best way to reveal himself and achieve success? It turns out that yes! For example, introverts are better off doing the back-and-forth, while extroverts are better off doing the front-end of the project. An HR manager should be a sociable, public person, should not be afraid of speaking in front of a large audience, but a tester, in general, should have his own philosophy of thinking, which is not inherent in any of the specialties in IT. In other words, a tester should not look for simple and short cuts in solving problems. In our test, we invite you to decide which of the seven professions in IT suits you best, based on your personal qualities. Based on the test results, the following IT specialties may be recommended to you: 1) programmer; 2) HR manager; 3) content manager; 4) tester; 5) database designer; 6) system architect; 7) game-developer. Want to know who you are from IT - go ahead !!!

Test: Who are you from IT?
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