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Free psychological tests.

Free psychological tests

   Psychological tests have gained immense popularity in our time. This is an affordable, fairly quick and easy way to learn something new about yourself.

   There are a huge number of different psychological tests. Some were developed by eminent psychologists and psychotherapists based on a large amount of statistical data. As a rule, such tests are the result of the tremendous work of a whole team of like-minded people and the results of such tests should be approached consciously, with all responsibility, since they can give advice, for example, in choosing a particular type of activity in the future, to determine the characteristics of a person's psychotype, his communication skills.

    There are also many entertaining tests that are based on the workings of our unconscious. In such tests, as a rule, it is proposed to select a graphic image and the result is given from it. But, again, do not be frivolous about such tests and their results. It seems frivolous only at first glance. But, it is in the unconscious that everything that is subsequently reflected in consciousness takes the basis, influences it and is transformed into real actions of a person. On our site, there are both serious tests with a deep scientific basis for their results, and tests for fun, which also have a scientific background.

   Our inner world is a whole Universe that can be discovered from a new side every day. And on this path of cognition, psychological tests will be our faithful helpers.

Our subconscious is the best indicator of the truth about ourselves. Our test "Your most important character trait" is based on nine pictures combined into one through which the unconscious speaks to us. The subconscious mind always tells the truth about us and will help you identify your most striking character trait.
In Eastern philosophies, they claim that the aura consists of 5-7 shells, each of which has its own color. Depending on how developed each individual shell is, so much its color will be presented in the aura. With the help of our tests, you will be able to determine which colors prevail in your aura, and what character traits they endow you with.
Do you like to make gifts: big and small, cool and status gifts that cause a smile or amazement? Let's try to shed light on this issue, because first you need to buy a gift, or make it with your own hands, and then carefully hand the box or bag pleasantly rustling when unfolding to the hero of the occasion.