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1) To delete your account, send us an email to the following email address In the letter, indicate:
Goal: Delete Account.


a) If you registered yourself in the system, indicating your e-mail address and password, and also confirmed your e-mail address, then to delete your account, send us your e-mail address, confirmed in our system. That is, in the letter you must also indicate:

e-mail: Your confirmed e-mail in our system.

b) If you registered in our system using third-party providers, such as Google, Facebook, VK, then enter your e-mail and phone number. That is, in the letter you must also indicate:

e-mail: Your e-mail for logging into Google, Facebook or VK;
phone: your phone verified in Google, Facebook or VK.

3) After we receive a letter from you in order to delete your credentials with correctly filled in the e-mail and telephone fields (if necessary), then a letter with a confirmation question will be sent to your mailbox specified in the e-mail field deleting your credentials in the following way: you really want to delete your credentials on the website

In response to this letter, you must send us a confirmation in the following form:

e-mail: Your e-mail;
goal: Delete Account.

4) Your Account will be deleted from our system within five working days.

Updated: 30 August 2021

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