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Tests: Logic and Intelligence

Tests on the topic "Logic and Intelligence"

      Every person in life is guided by logic, intuition and intellect when making decisions. Logic is the basis and laws of a correct understanding of the world, and since a person learns to think correctly throughout his life, our experience and knowledge is at the heart of logic. Intuition, according to many psychologists, is an experience previous generations of our kind, which is transmitted to us genetically through the centuries. But what we are guided by when making certain decisions depends on our intelligence. Now, very often, intelligence is identified with creativity and is considered as the highest form of intellectual activity, in-depth knowledge. A creative person, solving life problems, is often carried away by the very process of cognition, which allows him to discover something new, unexpected, beyond familiar.

      The connection between creativity and intelligence has been noticed for a long time. Many psychologists define creativity as maximum the level of development of human abilities, and therefore they are inevitably associated with intelligence.

      A very simple and quick way to determine the level of intellectual abilities, as well as logical thinking, is to test respondents. On our website under the heading "Logic and Intellect" there are similar tests with which you can determine the liveliness and mobility of your mind think abstractly, highlight the main and the secondary in solving life problems, generalize facts, find patterns and, as the highest degree of intellectual development - to transfer them to new material, obtaining a new, useful, unexpected result.

The test is given 30 minutes. On our site you can determine your IQ coefficient according to the method of Hans Eysenck. This methodology determines the IQ depending on the number of correctly answered questions. The test is limited in time.