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Psychological tests: Personality.

Tests on the topic "Personality"

   Each person in this world is unique and endowed with a number of personal characteristics, some of which are given from birth, while others are acquired in the process of sociolization. Moreover, many psychologists argue that a person with a set of personality traits, you can predict his future, provided that the person gets into the right environment. For example, extroverts make good cops, administrators, or personnel officers. Introverts are IT specialists, accountants, analysts, writers. Therefore, it is very important, in adolescence, to determine the available basic personal characteristics and, depending on this, plan your future. There are many techniques for this, and, nowadays, personality tests are becoming very popular, which can help to reveal emotional sides of a person's character, tell about his type of temperament, identify behavioral features, new abilities and hidden potential. On our website, we offer you a number of interesting tests to identify your personal characteristics.

    At the same time, it is worth remembering that the test is primarily an auxiliary material, which indicates certain character traits and advises to pay attention to the identified problem areas. But anyway, do not take the test results as a sentence.

The test helps to make your psychological portrait and find out about the strengths of your character. In the test, you must choose a picture of the person with whom you most associate yourself.
B. Bass's orientation questionnaire will help to identify what is important for a person at the moment, that is, for what purposes (for himself, for a task or for interacting with other people) a person spends the greatest amount of his energy. Want to pass B. Bass test - go ahead!
Is it possible, speaking about a specific IT profession, to single out the most relevant personal qualities of a person for this profession, which will help him in the best way to reveal himself and achieve success? In our test, we offer you to decide which of the seven professions in IT suits you best, based on your personal qualities.
The test questionnaire (contains 30 pairs of statements) was developed by Professors Ken Thomas and Ralph Kilmann. For the post-Soviet space, the questionnaire was adapted by N.V. Grishina. The test is aimed at identifying the most likely type of human behavior in a conflict situation: adaptation, competition, compromise, cooperation, avoidance.
Having passed the Bass-Darki test (standardization 1: Khvan A.A. et al., 2: Rogov E.I.), you will be able to determine the level of your aggressiveness and hostility towards others, as well as assess your reactions such as: physical aggression, indirect aggression, verbal aggression, negativism, tendency to irritation, suspicion, resentment, guilt - on a scale from low to high to very high.
Do you often think that what you have - you did not earn with your knowledge and efforts, but received as a result of a fortunate coincidence of circumstances or simply due to banal luck? If you have such feelings, then we hasten to upset you - you belong to 70% of people who from time to time feel like "impostors" in their profession. The test was developed in 1978 by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes.
If you want to determine the most suitable type of professional activity for yourself, which is most suitable for you, based on your character characteristics, then take a psychological test in the «Personality» section on our website The test is called the Myers-Briggs Typology Test.
The idea of human consciousness as a composition of three states of "I": Parent, Adult, Child underlies this test. In the process of interaction with society, the inner “I” manifests itself to varying degrees, while any of the three hypostases can come to the fore. If you want to determine role positions in interpersonal relationships and how harmonious a person you are, take the Eric Berne test: parent, adult, child.