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Health and Beauty Tests.

Health and Beauty Tests

   In the modern world, with its crazy pace of life, in order to be successful, you need to be healthy. Sometimes they even draw parallels between a person's success and his health. Although, lately, this is far from the case. Many people, thanks to their perseverance and willpower, achieve success, even with serious health problems. There are many such examples: Nick Vuychich, Yulia Samoilova, Stephen William Hawking, Franklin Roosevelt... You can also list and list ... But, if you have already come to our page, then you are interested in your health, in a healthy way life (healthy lifestyle) and want to receive recommendations to improve the quality of your life, diet, physical activity and other components of a healthy lifestyle.

   This section contains tests on the topic "Health and Beauty". These two concepts are inextricably linked between yourself. A healthy person, both physically and psychologically, radiates the warmth, beauty and creative energy that he is capable of charge others. How much you care about your health and take care of your body, you can find out by going through our simple tests. However, all test results give an approximate result, and for a more professional examination, of course specialist consultation is required. The results of our tests, first of all, give a reason to think about the condition of your health, whether you take proper care of yourself, whether the cosmetics you use suit you, what you need correct in your life so that it corresponds to a healthy lifestyle.

The Spielberger-Khanin anxiety test determines the level of anxiety based on situational (reactive) anxiety and personal anxiety. High anxiety, as a rule, leads to psychosomatic illnesses, and low anxiety - to a depressive state and low level of motivation. In both cases, it is recommended to consult a psychologist, and in especially severe cases - to a psychotherapist.
The test is based on the well-established clinical assessment of autism spectrum disorder symptoms and was developed by psychologist Simon Baron-Kogan and colleagues at the Cambridge Autism Research Centre. It is not a diagnostic tool, but is informative. Elon Musk announced in 2021 that he had Asperger's Syndrome.
The Beck Depression Scale was developed on the basis of the Beck Depression Inventory and is one of the first to be highly relevant and specific. Created for use in clinical practice to diagnose and assess the level of depressive disorders. If you want to know if you have symptoms of depression and how severe it is, take the Beck Questionnaire on our website.
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