Online tests: psychological tests, love and relationships, personality, education and pedagogy, logic and intelligence, beauty and health, tests for girls, tests for girls, tests for women, tests in IT disciplines, tests in IT disciplines with answers
Online tests: psychological tests, love and relationships, personality, education and pedagogy, beauty and health, tests for girls, tests in IT disciplines, tests in IT disciplines with answers.
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Tests: Know thyself
The idea of human consciousness as a composition of three states of "I": Parent, Adult, Child underlies this test. In the process of interaction with society, the inner “I” manifests itself to varying degrees, while any of the three hypostases can come to the fore. If you want to determine role positions in interpersonal relationships and how harmonious a person you are, take the Eric Berne test: parent, adult, child.
Our subconscious is the best indicator of the truth about ourselves. Our test "Your most important character trait" is based on nine pictures combined into one through which the unconscious speaks to us. The subconscious mind always tells the truth about us and will help you identify your most striking character trait.
The Beck Depression Scale was developed on the basis of the Beck Depression Inventory and is one of the first to be highly relevant and specific. Created for use in clinical practice to diagnose and assess the level of depressive disorders. If you want to know if you have symptoms of depression and how severe it is, take the Beck Questionnaire on our website.
The test is based on the well-established clinical assessment of autism spectrum disorder symptoms and was developed by psychologist Simon Baron-Kogan and colleagues at the Cambridge Autism Research Centre. It is not a diagnostic tool, but is informative. Elon Musk announced in 2021 that he had Asperger's Syndrome.
If you want to determine the most suitable type of professional activity for yourself, which is most suitable for you, based on your character characteristics, then take a psychological test in the «Personality» section on our website The test is called the Myers-Briggs Typology Test.
The Spielberger-Khanin anxiety test determines the level of anxiety based on situational (reactive) anxiety and personal anxiety. High anxiety, as a rule, leads to psychosomatic illnesses, and low anxiety - to a depressive state and low level of motivation. In both cases, it is recommended to consult a psychologist, and in especially severe cases - to a psychotherapist.
Do you often think that what you have - you did not earn with your knowledge and efforts, but received as a result of a fortunate coincidence of circumstances or simply due to banal luck? If you have such feelings, then we hasten to upset you - you belong to 70% of people who from time to time feel like "impostors" in their profession. The test was developed in 1978 by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes.
Having passed the Bass-Darki test (standardization 1: Khvan A.A. et al., 2: Rogov E.I.), you will be able to determine the level of your aggressiveness and hostility towards others, as well as assess your reactions such as: physical aggression, indirect aggression, verbal aggression, negativism, tendency to irritation, suspicion, resentment, guilt - on a scale from low to high to very high.
Do you like to make gifts: big and small, cool and status gifts that cause a smile or amazement? Let's try to shed light on this issue, because first you need to buy a gift, or make it with your own hands, and then carefully hand the box or bag pleasantly rustling when unfolding to the hero of the occasion.
On our website there is a modified Cattell personality questionnaire for girls 8-12 years old, which contains 120 questions. With the help of this test, individual psychological personality traits can be assessed, such as: sociability, verbal intelligence, self-confidence, excitability, propensity to assert itself, propensity to take risks, responsibility, social courage, sensitivity, anxiety, self-control, nervous tension.
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Tests in IT-disciplines
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The test contains several questions about the theoretical information of the JavaScript language, questions about directives in Angular, data binding and passing data from a parent component to a child component. Examples of their use are given. There are also questions that include working with the ReactiveX library and questions about the design patterns used in this library.
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The test provides questions about the basics of Angular and JavaScript. The questions also concern the necessary software for working with Angular, such as NodeJS, Angular CLI, npm. The test contains theoretical questions about the basics of the JavaScript language. The test can be used to test students in disciplines related to frontend development and JavaScript frameworks.
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The test examines in detail the state diagram, its properties, trigger transitions and substate states. Collaboration diagram questions include: passive objects and message content. It also discusses a component diagram, component views and their contents.
The test contains questions regarding the basic structural entities of the UML, types of relationships and entities. It covers a class diagram, use cases, and a state diagram. There are questions about fields and class attributes.
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The test contains questions on the topic "Minimization of switching functions, methods of minimization". Namely: Karnaugh maps, Quine's method, method of testing members, finding the minimum DNF of a partially defined function. Boolean priority. There is a question of transferring from one number system to another.
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The test covers the following questions: the operation of a digital automaton, switching functions, logical operations, laws of the algebra of logic, perfect normal forms, basis, disjunctive terms, normal conjunctive forms, self-dual functions.
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The test contains questions about working with BCD numbers. Problems of representing a number in machine form using various data types are considered. There are questions about getting a decimal number from the machine representation of this number. Supplementary and reverse codes for numbers. D1 codes.
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The test contains questions on converting numbers from the sevenfold number system to fourfold, converting real numbers from the decimal number system to binary up to a certain sign. Post Machine. The main characteristics of a non-positional system.
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Test for the discipline -Computer logic-. The test contains questions on the following topics: basics, logical operations; division method with restoring the remainder and without restoring the remainder of two numbers; obtaining an additional and reverse code; Hamming codes.
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The site contains a test for the discipline -Computer logic-. The test is designed to test the knowledge of students (listeners) after the first six months of training in the discipline -Computer logic-. On the website, the test is given with the correct answers.
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