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Test: Who are you in love: visual, auditory or kinesthetic?

All people perceive information through hearing, sight and touch. According to which channel in this issue is dominant, they distinguish, most often, auditory, visual and kinesthetic. In any area of ​​life, be it professional, intimate or educational, it is very it is beneficial to know what type your counterpart belongs to. Then it is possible, at lower cost and in a shorter time, to convey to him that information that is important to you and get the right answer as a result.

The sexual sphere is no exception. Audials like listening more than acting. They need to hear what they want to do with them. It is to hear, not to read, for example. Such people crave for the partner to moan during sex, showing what he likes, and what is not, voiced what is happening to him and will happen.

A 100% visual girl can fall in love with a guy because of his profile with beautiful photos from a summer vacation. Everything has to be for her. being beautiful is very important. In sex, such a young lady needs to see both herself and her partner, so the light will not be an obstacle, like a mirror.

Tactile senses are especially important for the kinesthetic in sex. For such people, foreplay is a must. for pleasure, and if the partner is impatient, then this can become a real problem. In order not to happened - experiment.

If you want to know how to find the key to the soul of your girlfriend - invite her to go through our a simple test «Who are you in love: visual, auditory or kinesthetic?»

Test: Who are you in love: visual, auditory or kinesthetic?
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The test contains 15 questions.

1. (out of 15): I like it best when my partner:

Choose the only answer

а) looks at me passionately;

b) pronounce affectionate words;

c) gently hugs me;

2. (out of 15): If I am interested in any product in the store (clothing, perfume, kitchen appliance), the first thing I do:

Choose the only answer

а) carefully examine it;

b) listen to the opinion of the seller;

c) I try to feel it;

3. (out of 15): Waking up on a rainy autumn morning, my favorite thing to do is:

Choose the only answer

а) look at the clouds covering the sky;

b) listen to the sound of rain;

c) feel the comfort of a warm blanket;

4. (out of 15): When I get mad at my partner, then:

Choose the only answer

а) throwing angry glances at him;

b) I say some kind of murderous phrase;

c) I turn away from him in bed so that he does not touch me;

5. (out of 15): For the anniversary of our acquaintance, I would like him to:

Choose the only answer

а) gave me a huge bouquet of roses;

b) ordered my favorite song on the radio;

c) gave me a massage;

6. (out of 15): I dream of making love:

Choose the only answer

а) in a room with a huge window overlooking a picturesque lake;

b) on a deserted beach to the sound of the surf;

c) in a compartment of a soft carriage of a slow moving train;

7. (out of 15): For me, the best way to relax is:

Choose the only answer

а) watch TV;

b) listen to music;

c) take a hot bath;

8. (out of 15): After visiting a massage parlor or fitness center, I like:

Choose the only answer

а) look at yourself in the mirror;

b) listen to the opinion of girlfriends about my figure;

c) feel how my muscles tense up;

9. (out of 15): When I, being at work, suddenly think about my beloved, then:

Choose the only answer

а) imagine his appearance in my imagination;

b) I hear his voice;

c) I feel warmth in the stomach area;

10. (out of 15): My mood can instantly change if someone:

Choose the only answer

а) turn on extra light;

b) put on too loud music;

c) offer me a glass of unloved drink;

11. (out of 15): I had the most memorable orgasm when:

Choose the only answer

а) looked into the partner's eyes;

b) screaming loudly;

c) as if falling into an endless abyss;

12. (out of 15): I find out that the person talking to me is lying:

Choose the only answer

а) by the way he hides his eyes;

b) by the vibration of his voice;

c) relying on one's own intuition;

13. (out of 15): When I want to have sex, most often I:

Choose the only answer

а) invitingly look into my partner's eyes;

b) verbally inform my partner about my desire;

c) start stroking his shoulder;

14. (out of 15): Every time I leave the apartment, the concierge comes across me and:

Choose the only answer

а) I walk along the wall in the hope that she will not notice me;

b) I enjoy talking to her;

c) it annoys me: she appears specifically to chat;

15. (out of 15): When I meet a new employee, I notice that his casual appearance does not match the seriousness of his words. I think:

Choose the only answer

а) he looks too relaxed to be a good worker;

b) he speaks to the point. Everything will be fine!

c) it certainly works well. Let's let him prove himself!