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Test: Psychological portrait by geometric association.

The psychological portrait of a person is not determined genetically, but develops throughout her life. Plays an important role in this process education and training at a tender young age. Sometimes, there is an urgent need to draw up a psychological portrait of a person. For example, when hiring, the employer is interested in determining the strengths and weaknesses of potential employees in order to correctly divide them, for example, into management groups and groups of responsible executors or to identify inclinations towards one or another type activities. In marriage agencies for the selection of a couple, various methods are used that help determine the characteristics of the character person, his communication skills and can give recommendations on choosing the best partner. The psychological portrait can also build using popular tests such as: the Cattell questionnaire, Mehrabian, Eysenck, etc. There are tests based on geometric associations. One of these tests we offer you to pass.

Test: Psychological portrait by geometric association.
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1. (out of 1): Here are 8 types of human drawing, made up of simple geometric shapes: a triangle, a circle, a rectangle and a square. Choose the picture with which you most associate yourself.

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