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Test: What does your child need?

Raising a child is a constant work that cannot be passed on to someone else. Both the male and female sides should be equally involved in this process. Since men and women have their own psychology, hence the differences in upbringing. The main contribution of a woman to raising a child is caring, tenderness and unconditional love. A man brings up responsibility and willpower in his child, while applying exactingness and methodicalness. How not to go too far in one direction or another is not an easy task. After all, the excessive love of the mother can lead to spoiled child, cultivate selfishness and narcissism in him. Excessive demands on the part of parents lead to overwhelming perfectionism in the child, which in turn increases the risk of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For the harmonious development of the personality, each parent must adhere to the following simple rules when raising their child: control their attitude and emotions towards the child, give the child the right to choose and educate him for independence.

Our simple test will help you determine how demanding you are of your child, whether you are emotionally detached from him and whether he has enough parental love and affection.

Test: What does your child need?
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