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Test: Who are you for your partner?

Every woman wants to be the perfect wife for her man. But does it always succeed? At the same time, each man has his own idea of the ideal wife. One dreams of a delicious, fresh soup after tedious work, a clean kitchen and three neatly combed kids - this is a real ideal wife. Another sees in the image of his ideal woman a businesswoman who solves some issues all day at work, earns money. After work, on the way home, such a man meets his woman, together they take the child from the kindergarten (school, children's section), buy delicious pizza and spend the tired evening within the family. Such a woman will not pester a man with questions: “Where is the money?” Here is the ideal wife for such a man, on condition that the woman agrees to such conditions.

The woman is a "little girl" also attracts many men. This is a very romantic and sweet nature. Any man can give tenderness and affection. With her, a man will feel like a strong knight protecting a cute princess. At the same time, such women are very capricious and selfish, they will always whine, be capricious and demand a lot of attention, and they don’t want to hear about soup with kids, and only at a mature female age (after 35) some of these women have thoughts about cute peanuts, but thoughts about soup never cross their minds. Men should understand this if they choose such a woman. You can find out what type of woman you are by passing our test.

Test: Who are you for your partner?
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The test contains 5 questions.

1. (from 5): Husband and friends went on a night fishing trip. You:

Choose the only answer

а) invent all sorts of horrors for yourself and bombard him with messages that you miss and suffer without him;

b) go with friends to the cinema and shopping, do not call or write (why?);

c) call regularly and ask if he got his feet wet or cold;

d) calmly go about your business, call as usual and wait with a catch.

2. (from 5): Husband got sick. Lies with a temperature and all the signs of the flu. You:

Choose the only answer

а) in confusion, call your mother and mother-in-law - let them come and help;

b) put on a mask, buy the necessary drugs and go to work;

c) take a couple of days at your own expense and start caring for your husband;

d) call a doctor and, depending on his recommendations, decide what to do next.

3. (from 5): Your husband gave you something completely different from what you wanted. Very expensive. But not that. You:

Choose the only answer

а) cry. Well, you just can't resist. But give thanks;

b) accept a gift and immediately give it to someone who needs it;

c) say: «Thank you, dear. This is a very valuable gift.» But next time it's better not to spend money;

d) thank and ask: «What do you think is the best way to use/wear this?» And together with your husband you come up with a use for the gift.

4. (from 5): You are going on a joint vacation, but business does not let your husband go. You:

Choose the only answer

а) stay at home, but walk with a sad face and with all your appearance express «sorrow» for the unfinished vacation;

b) you leave to rest alone and send your photos and landscapes to your husband;

c) you insist that the husband talk to the authorities, you yourself try to see his management in order to explain how the spouse needs a vacation;

d) do not leave, but develop a plan for how to have fun and have a good time together and without interruption from work.

5. (from 5): A kitten was thrown into the entrance. He is small and sick. You:

Choose the only answer

а) bring it home and say with tears: «Let's leave it with us, look how pretty»;

b) take out a box, a saucer with milk to the entrance and «equip» the kitten;

c) call all your friends and relatives in order to attach the animal;

d) tell your husband about the kitten and ask him for advice on what to do.